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A number of Agentquote’s online design tools are used to insert content and directives related to Search Engine Optimization, primarily from the vantage point of the AQTools’ EditPencil and its set of Widgets. The application of these tools is solely determined by the individual Agentquote website user and the choices strategies maintenance and tracking of these is also assumed solely by the user. Agentquote provides these SEO tools on an as-is basis, and offers neither warranties nor recommendations on their usage or effectiveness.

The implementation of these SEO tools within the various EditPencil Widgets presumes a working knowledge of the Widgets themselves and the overall Agentquote hosting environment. Specific instructions on the various aspects of these are available online, as well as the knowledgebase .

All websites are essentially prospecting billboards in electronic form in competition for visitor attention with a huge and increasing number of other websites.

Like all forms of advertising, a website’s effectiveness in attracting visitors can be measured and tested in various ways relative to the use of content that meets, in some way, the interests of potential visitors. This interest can be measured in aggregate by the many search engines, chief among them being google, using a search engine tool that, in essence, measures the relative distribution of words and phrases abstracted from search queries. The crux of discovering the distribution is based on text - words and phrases.

Any website can increase the number of visitors by aligning its content to the interest of potential visitors that coincides with the distribution density of that interest based on expressed words and phrases aggregated by search engines. This alignment process is generally known as search engine optimization, or SEO, and the implemented practice is generally known as search engine marketing, or SEM.

The Agentquote SEO Tools

Designing and implementing SEO has become a professional activity with many subspecialties. Agentquote does not offer SEO services, but does provide a number of online tools that SEO professionals can use in implementing changes focused on SEO activities for their clients who use the Agentquote hosting system.

The online Agentquote SEO tools can also be used by Agentquote subscribers who are familiar with basic HTML scripting concepts and practices, specifically through the use of Agentquote’s EditPencil Widgets. Anything beyond this should only be done by a professional with demonstrated expertise in HTML and CascadingStyleSheet coding practices.

AgentQuote SEO tools are used to implement the following SEO capabilities:


For a full detailed description of Agentquote's SEO tools click: Agentquote SEO Tools Document .

SEO Analyzers

There are a number of online and free SEO analyzers that can make specific SEO recommendations for a submitted webpage URL, such as the one here .

Frequently Asked Questions Video HowToTorials Send Us A Question